We publish blogs weekly/biweekly...
We strongly believe writing is a skill that one should build to survive in this era where we barely interact with each other face to face. Convincing reader and feeding our content to their curiosity in smooth flow is a skill to learn which can be developed by practicing and reading literature.
We generally publish blog weekly or biweekly depending on academic plan and other factors. We support non-WLUGians to write a blog and contribute to our community. But we have some inevitable and strong guidelines that concerned must follow and will be verified by multiple entities.


Writer's Guidelines

  • Blog should start with a Quote.
  • Name of writers should link to their Github profile.
  • No content of the blog should be copied from any other source and should be plagiarism free.
  • Images should be crystal-clear and of higher quality and should attribute to its origin.
  • Redundant links that occur random in blog should be purged.
  • Density of images in blog should be good and should be distributed. Images here refer to diagrams, flowcharts, etc.
  • Meaning of the quote should be clarified at the end of the blog.
  • Blog should have References and Further Reading section in the end.
  • Blog should end with all the profile links of the club and writers(if interested).
  • Blog should be read by proofreaders thoroughly and accordingly changes should be done.

Promotion Guidelines

  • Design of poster should be approved by President/Vice President.
  • Blog should be promoted on all the social media platforms where ever club is active.
  • Writers should be mentioned on every post if they have their account on the platform.
Guidelines are to be strictly followed and must be safeguarded by Editors.